Achievements & next steps


until 2020
• Technical support and tooling (backend, frontend & blockchain) paired with services for different Security Token Offerings and Initial Coin Offerings (legally compliant)
• Development of diverse complex smart contracts
• Integration of diverse service providers (KYC, payment, Mass-Mailing, Marketing, Taxation processing)
• Technical due diligences for blockchain related financial institutes
• Process improvements for regulatory compliance
• Frontend customizations and backend developments
• Integration with Ethereum and Stellar Blockchain
• Crypto-Payment Integrations (Bitcoin, Ethereum)
• Blockchain ecosystem conceptualisations, POCs and Blockchain integration developements
until Q1 | 2021
• Test Deployment Dashboards & Test deployment of different projects
• Document upload, storage, viewing and download integrations
• Client-custom frontend customizations
• Added infrastructural services like Docker and Kubernetes
• Payment integrations (Solaris Digital Payment, Mangopay)
• KYC integrations (ID Now, Fractals, Solaris BankIdent)
• Mass-Mailing integrations (Mailchimp)
• Custody integrations (Solaris Digital Custody)
• Tax integrations (CryptoTax)
Q2 | 2021
• Further integrations, documentations and implementations for the TokenForge transaction framework for better security and faster, more cost-efficient scaling
• Integration of transaction layer and Backend Logging system services to be available for each client
• Advances Analytics integration with Matomo
• Storage Integrations with Pinata & IPFS
Q3 | 2021
• Implementation and integration of vesting & dividend contracts
• Smart contracts for toll bridges and different vesting mechanisms
• Efficient deployments on MATIC & Batch minting tools for easy and fast deployments
• Integrations ERC 20 & 1410 standard contracts with vesting infrastructure
• Test Deployment Dashboards & Test deployment of different projects
• Technical due diligences for blockchain related financial institutes
• Transaction framework improvements and new integrations (Stripe, SendinBlue, K8 and further backend services)
• Delivery of 2 Security Token Offerings
• Integration of Auto-SSL and further customer-convience features
Q4 | 2021 (planned)
• Overview & dividend logics and backend integrations
• Maintaining security token offering - Hosting, Maintenance, further customiztations
• Further Integrations of valueable partnerships (Solana, Parachains, etc.)
• Easy blockchain selector engine & Customized Token Creator Dashboard
• Shop Solution for Individual NFT Drops with easy contact form and integrated minting processes
• Open roadmap and digital documentation
• Scaling improvements for the STO Suite, the TokenForge Suite and the NFT Suite
• Custody integrations (Tangany)
• Further hiring for scaling
• Experimenting with Solana, NEAR, ICP, Arweave, Cardano and more interesting technologies 😉
Q1 | 2022 (planned)
coming soon

We are preparing an transparent and open feature roadmap und documentations