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as a service

Scalable cutting edge solutions around web3, STO and NFT technology.

No Coding. Hassle free. Outstanding.


We are TokenForge

And we’ve found the perfect way to integrate web3.0 into your business. With our help and the blockchain, your company will get more done in the same amount of time and with the same amount of effort. Lead your market together with us into its technological future.


Be ready for the future of financial transactions. Use the blockchain for your transactions and offer your customers and partners a real competitive advantage.


Make processes faster and safer with the power of NFTs. Tokenize any process or product of your choice and use the best solutions in the market.

Smart Contracts

Start where older technologies fail and automate processes that could not be automated before blockchain. Our smart contracts unleash the full potential of your company.


We are confident that we have the best solutions to implement blockchain in your company. Use our knowledge to your benefit and take full advantage of the power of the distributed ledger technology.


I never thought I could use the blockchain in my business that easy.
– Michael Schneider, CEO of Metawalls

Our partners and customers often have very busy schedules and little time to deal with the complex web3.0 technology. That’s why we demand from all our products that anyone can use them within a very short time. We have reduced the complexity of blockchain for our customers and made it easy to use without sacrificing compliance, speed, or other benefits of the technology.

Our market leading products

STO-Suite of Tokenforge | Security Token Offering

STO Suite

Our STO Suite enables fast, legally compliant and secure implementation of bonds and digital securities.

With the STO suite and blockchain as a secure registry, bond regulation loses its fright. The STO suite’s digital underwriting route is simple and without media disruption. The best of e-commerce and the security of web3 for easy and fast financing of your business.

STO-Suite of Tokenforge | Security Token Offering
NFT-Suite of Tokenforge | NFT marketplace | NFT marktplatz
NFT-Suite of Tokenforge | NFT marketplace | NFT marktplatz

NFT Suite

With our NFT Suite, any type of asset can be tokenized and our flexible e-commerce platform can be distributed to a wide audience.

With modern front-ends, clean settlement as well as practiced buying processes, we remove barriers and expand the spectrum of buyers. Whether B2C or B2B, any business model can be implemented easily and efficiently without the need for the customer to have experience with web3.0.

NFT Suite tokenforge | NFT marketplace

NFT Studio

The NFT Studio is our solution for everyone. Whether you are an artist, a lawyer, or an event organizer, with the NFT Studio you can turn any type of asset into a NFT.
Take advantage of all the benefits of NFTs and take your business to the next level. As with all our products, we have ensured that the NFT Studio is fully compliant with current legal standards and easy to use. You don’t need any experience with blockchain technology or creating NFTs, our program will guide you step by step to your first fully functional NFT.
Smart Contracts Generator tokenforge
Smart Contracts Generator tokenforge

Smart Contracts

Our smart contract creator creates automations for the most popular protocols within seconds. Ready to use.

Whether it’s token issuance or token sale, let us help you harness the strength of smart contracts for your business. Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and many others. Contact us to find out if our smart contract generator can automate your token business. Neither login nor installation is required to use our solution. Enjoy full control and power without writing a single line of code.

Recent Projects

Coin Studios | Appics

With Coin Studios (the NFT subsidiary of Appics) we are developing an exclusive marketplace for digital music and video licensing rights. We are currently deep in development and we are currently planning a launch by the end of the year.

Greenrock Energy

Green Rock Energy uses our STO suite for a security token offering. Through our token issuance platform, we are handling a €100 million bond for Green Rock Energy using a BaFin-approved security. The end of the process is the financing of PV plants for the generation of sustainable solar power.


Metawalls is developing an exclusive experience for inclusive collective Ownership NFT Collectibles with us, which will be launched in October. It’s all about street art with NFT technology and exclusive possibilities in a metaverse – be excited!

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STO Suite | Security Token Offering | tokenforge.


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STO Suite | Security Token Offering | tokenforge.