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Our tokenization suite offers pioneering technology for leading Asset Managers

Fully customizable and whitelabel frontend

Our suite offers two separate interfaces for investors and corporate users: Investor functionality involves simplified interaction with security tokens, the corporate interface is a control panel for the issuer.

Admin Dashboard

Investor Management made easy. Have everything in place, whenever you need it.

Smart Contract Templates

Initiate the implementation of Smart Contracts for automated and secure transaction execution. Engage with deployed Smart Contracts to run predefined functions and operations securely.

Investor Management

Electronic documentation and signatures streamline processes by replacing traditional paperwork with digital counterparts, enhancing efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and facilitating remote collaboration.

Comprehensive Backend & Chain API

Support interoperability across different blockchain networks for flexible deployment and operation. Integrate wallet services for secure storage and management of digital assets.

Regulated Partners

Feature overview

Customizable Onboarding
Tailor the onboarding process to meet specific user needs.
Registration Options
Users can register as individuals or as companies to join the platform.
PEP Status Check
Ensure compliance by conducting Politically Exposed Person status checks.
KYC Process/Integration
Integrate KYC processes for identity verification with well known partners like IDnow.
Liability Umbrella Integration
Integrate liability umbrella services for added protection.
Custody Integration
Integrate custody services for secure asset storage with our partner Tangany.
Customizable Checkout
Customize the checkout process to suit user preferences.
Payment Options
Provide various payment options for user flexibility like Stripe, Paypal and Credit Card.
Sign Documents
Sign important documents securely within the platform.
Wallet Service
Offer wallet services for convenient storage and management of digital assets.
Wallet Connection

Seamlessly connect with Metamask amd other wallets to interact with different blockchains.

Token Transfer Status
Keep users informed about the status of their token transfers.
Order Management
Efficiently process and track orders throughout the lifecycle, ensuring timely fulfillment.
Product Management
Streamline the management of listings, including inventory tracking and updating product information.
Payment Service Integration
Seamlessly integrate payment services to facilitate secure transactions.
User Management
Manage customers and maintain control over user types, roles, and groups for streamlined access management.
Document Management
Securely store and organize documents for easy retrieval and management.
Questionnaire Module
Utilize a customizable module for WPHG questions.
Convert physical or digital assets into tokens for easier management and trading.
Wallet Service Integration
Integrate external wallet services for secure storage and management of digital assets.
Transaction History
Access detailed records of all past transactions for auditing and analysis purposes.
Smart Contract Deployment
Efficiently deploy Smart Contracts to automate processes and ensure secure transactions.
Smart Contract Importing
Integrate external Smart Contracts into the system for seamless functionality.
Smart Contract Synchronization
Synchronize Smart Contract balances and data for accurate real-time information.
KYC (Know Your Customer)
Verify the identity of customers to meet legal and regulatory obligations.
Liability Umbrella
Offer protection against legal liabilities and risks associated with transactions or services.
Crypto Registrar
Facilitate the registration and management of cryptocurrency assets and transactions.
Safeguard and manage digital assets on behalf of clients, ensuring security and compliance.
Factory Contracts
tokenforge SmartContract Suite includes factory contracts designed for both permissioned and non-permissioned setups.
Permissioned Contracts (ERC-20 and ERC-1155)
It offers permissioned contracts compliant with ERC-20 and ERC-1155 standards.
Non-Permissioned Contracts (ERC-20, ERC-1155, ERC-721)
Non-permissioned contracts cover a range of standards including ERC-20, ERC-1155, and ERC-721.
Permission Smart Contract
The suite provides a dedicated permission smart contract for managing access control.
Retirement Smart Contract
Users can utilize a retirement smart contract for token burning and retirement processes.
Receipt Smart Contract
The suite offers a receipt smart contract for managing transaction receipts and confirmations.
Custom Smart Contracts
Tailor-made smart contracts can be developed to suit specific requirements.
Staking Smart Contract
Included in the suite is a staking smart contract for managing token staking activities.
Multi-Sig Smart Contract
A multi-signature smart contract is available for executing transactions requiring multiple signatures for approval.
Deployment of Smart Contracts
Initiate the implementation of Smart Contracts for automated and secure transaction execution.
Monitoring of Smart Contracts
Monitor the performance and activity of deployed Smart Contracts for efficiency and compliance.
Interaction with Smart Contracts
Engage with deployed Smart Contracts to execute predefined functions and operations securely.
We are constantly developing and will update this set of features soon.

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The tokenforge Suite

With our all-in-one approach, we offer the first fully eWpG compliant tokenization solution for asset financing and utility strategies with API interfaces for regulated services such as KYC, custody, register management & liability umbrella.

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