Our Services in the Area of Consulting

Our Services in the Area of Consulting

As distributed ledger technology advances, digital assets are creating a new era of opportunity for financial institutions, multinational corporations, and startups alike. To keep pace, companies of all sizes and industries benefit from understanding Blockchain applications and learning how to integrate them into existing and future business models. Our consulting services cover the entire scope of a blockchain project from strategy development to implementation.
Our team participates in several industry working groups. These include regulatory, standardization, and financial. By working at the forefront of blockchain adoption and integration, we stay abreast of specific regulatory developments while developing a broad perspective on what meaningful progress looks like for businesses, institutions, the economy, and society.

We develop industry-specific Blockchain use cases that help our clients become more effective by implementing Blockchain solutions. Our structured approach identifies existing and challenges, develops a strategic framework, identifies solutions, and mitigates risk.

We create customized processes that use a structured and methodical approach to evaluate Proofs-of-Concept. Our team guides your company through a customized process that unpacks the technical feasibility and viability of potential solutions.

We develop new and innovative Blockchain-powered business models. We identify gaps and evaluate potential Blockchain use cases that will positively impact your business.

We provide collaborative methods for working with your team and various internal stakeholders. Our workshops improve internal communication and increase engagement through brainstorming, ideation, co-creation, and design exercises. We can also provide education and training to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

We advise clients on how to design their revenue streams via a Token ecosystem: We provide cutting-edge knowledge on token usage, benefits, value, mechanisms, and monetary policy.

For the development and implementation of both Blockchain and “Digital Funding” projects, it is important to implement holistic concepts (economic, legal, technical) for successful operation. We are happy to provide you with relevant expert knowledge to ensure a successful implementation.

We work as a consultancy in various industries (mainly in the financial and automotive sector) and can draw from the know-how and experience from various projects. We focus on new perspectives and suggestions as well as best practices for your project and product development for targeted success.


Blockchain Basics & Potentials

Modern Funding Services Project Planning

Property Tokenization

Blockchain Use Case Identification for my Business

Business Model Development Development of Blockchain Technology

Process Automation with Smart Contracts

Autonomous Value Chain Development with Smart Contracts

Modern Funding Services Basics & Possibilities of the Capital Market Instrument

Rethinking my Business Model & Processes

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